Land Clearing

Remove Unwanted Elements From Your Land

Remove Unwanted Elements From Your Land

Arrange for a land clearing service in

Is your plot of land covered in trees and other natural elements? While some trees can boost your curb appeal, you'll need to have a clear area to build your home or commercial property. Emmons Excavating offers a land clearing service in Lyman & Saco, ME and the surrounding area that will remove unwanted trees, stumps and tree roots from your construction area. Reach out to our land clearing company right away to get a free estimate for our services.

What's included in our land clearing services?

A wide range of businesses and individuals turn to our land clearing company, including:

  • Homeowners: Prepare your yard for a new building, driveway or pool.
  • Homebuilders: Get your lot ready for your dream home.
  • Developers: Start construction on a clear, level lot.
  • Property managers: Improve your landscaping by clearing unwanted brush.


We can also put down gravel, so your site is ready for the next step. Set up an appointment for our land clearing service right away to get started.