Erosion Control

Keep Your Construction Site on Solid Ground

Keep Your Construction Site on Solid Ground

Protect your property in Lyman & Saco, ME with the proper erosion control measures

If your new construction site in the Lyman & Saco, ME area starts to erode and become uneven, your building could become unstable. Avoid unnecessary damage by hiring an excavation contractor from Emmons Excavating for erosion control services.

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Don't let erosion endanger your construction site

Without erosion control measures, your construction site could become a disaster area. Uncontrolled erosion can also cause sediment to:

  • Flow downstream into larger bodies of water, which in turn can cause flooding.
  • Stay in the water supply and lower the water quality for the entire municipality.
  • Bury lawns, fill in ditches and clog storm sewers, culverts and inlets so they're no longer effective.

Don't wait for erosion to get out of hand. Call 207-468-7395 now to speak with an experienced excavation contractor about prompt, professional erosion control services in the Lyman & Saco, ME area.